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Hello from Us…

Hopefully you enjoyed our video! We’ve plenty more to offer to help bring communities together and encourage a sustainable future for all us.  Have a read below at some of the great things we are doing.



Herb Gardens

Sustainability is a big thing for us and we’ve some great initiatives to help along the way. We’re proud of our herb gardens to help grow our very own produce on site.  This gives a wonderful story from garden to fork and creates a community focus on the food we eat every day.



Sustainability to us, especially as a local, family business is managing the financial, social and environmental impact. We only procure from locally approved suppliers who comply with our quality standards, the regulations and legislation in respect of manufacture, supply and distribution. We are very aware that the majority of our business is carried out on the premises of our clients and are committed to work in unison to reduce, reuse and recycle. We’re all about energy efficiencies, minimising carbon footprints and delivering innovative solutions to reusing food waste for the better.



Food Markets

With so many trends and food experiences to enjoy, we love bringing them together in our food markets.  We have a range of quirky and innovative mobile food outlets to create a market to remember.  Our mobile units are customisable to incorporate food offerings and client event branding if required.


Bee Hives

As part of a team morale initiative, we’re installing bee hives into some of our locations to encourage office workers to care for and harvest their very own honey. This has proven to be a great success so far and we’re excited about rolling out even more.


Thank You