Next Stop: A Spotless Journey as Mount Charles wins cleaning contract with Translink!

We are delighted to share that Mount Charles Group has secured a significant contract with Translink Trains. The agreement entails providing comprehensive cleaning services for Translink’s extensive train fleet, marking a considerable stride in enhancing service quality and the overall customer experience for the 1.5 million weekly passengers relying on Translink’s services.

Over the next three years, we will have a dedicated team of 80 cleaning operatives working tirelessly round the clock, 363 days a year, ensuring cleanliness throughout Translink’s extensive train network in Northern Ireland. Stationed at eight regional hubs, our team’s services will also extend to Enterprise trains connecting Lanyon Station in Belfast to Dublin’s Connolly Station.

Our extensive experience in delivering top-tier cleaning services across various sectors, from healthcare to education and leisure, has equipped us well for this venture. In just the past year, we effectively maintained cleanliness in over 600 sites across Ireland.

This partnership signifies a significant contract for our cleaning division, presenting itself as a catalyst for business growth and job creation within Northern Ireland. It’s an exciting journey that holds immense potential for all parties involved.

Stacey McAlister, Operations Director at Mount Charles, expressed her anticipation for the collaboration with Translink, highlighting Translink’s critical role in connectivity across Northern Ireland and transport links to and from the Republic of Ireland. Stacey emphasized the synergies between Mount Charles and Translink, foreseeing an enhancement in service quality and customer experience for the 1.5 million weekly passengers utilizing Translink’s services.

“This is a significant contract for the cleaning division at Mount Charles, which we hope will act as a catalyst for business growth and job creation in Northern Ireland,” Stacey McAlister added.

John Allison, Fleet Presentation Manager at Translink, shares our dedication to providing appealing public transport options, focusing on the highest standards of comfort and cleanliness. He mentioned, “We look forward to working closely with Mount Charles to ensure our services and facilities enhance our overall customer experience.”

Together, Mount Charles and Translink embark on a promising journey, pledging improved service delivery, an enhanced passenger experience, and a positive economic influence on Northern Ireland. We invite you to join us on this thrilling venture as we contribute to a cleaner, more efficient, and delightful journey with Translink.

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