Mount Charles Team Members Join Flossie & The Beach Cleaners For Eco Day

Mount Charles team members joined Flossie and The Beach Cleaners on Sandymount Strand in South Dublin last week to launch the organisation’s sustainability ambitions for 2021. The session included an eco-friendly workshop providing insight to the group on the impact of human waste and microplastics on the local environment.  The group was made up of key team members involved in our ongoing sustainability campaign including Head of Operations, Stacey McCallister who has been working with our clients to provide sustainable cleaning across Ireland.

A walk of the beach followed the workshop, with team removing any visible plastics and waste materials. The session will be one of many activities involved in the ongoing company-wide sustainability initiative for 2021 as part of Mount Charles’s commitment to being an environmentally aware facilities management provider.

More information on our cleaning services can be found here.


Mount Charles team members stand in a line on Sandymount Beach in Dublin with material bags of litter in front of the group

Mount Charles Team Members Finish Session With Flossie & The Beach Cleaners at Sandymount Strand, Dublin.